Creating games that consistently push the world around us in a positive direction through memorable multiplayer experiences and thoughtful investment into our communities.

Worldspark is a passion–driven, independent game development studio dedicated to pushing ideas and gaming as a whole forward. Our first title, "Edenbrawl" builds on and modernizes existing genres, focusing on the idea of "unique situation generators" to ensure each match is a thrilling new experience.

Most importantly, Worldspark believes in gaming as a social and progressive instrument as part of our "world-centric" culture. We design specifically around social features, accessibility, and new player experience to ensure our games can be enjoyed by all. Our aim is to re-ignite the feeling of friendship and comradery those ancient late-night gaming sessions and pizza roll-filled LAN parties created, whether that’s with old friends or new strangers.

Our Pillars


Community: Foster and Listen

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Trust, Transparency, and Empathy

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World First

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Evolve and Expand

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"One more turn..."

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Social by Design

Our Giving Pledge

Worldspark Studios took five years of blood, sweat, and money to finally materialize. Coming from indie roots and knowing the lessons learned from that journey, we’re committed to helping other indie studios accomplish their dreams.

  • All employees receive 40 paid hours per year to dedicate to indie projects that interest them, whether that’s simple advisory or contributing to development.

  • Every quarter, three indie projects will receive $1,000 each to help jump-start development.

We believe that the gaming world has taken a dark turn since our younger days. To combat this worrying trend, Worldspark Studios will be donating 1% of our profits to partners like XP League, which look to empower STEM programs, discourage toxicity, and reignite the fellowship that games have the unique power to create.

Meet the Team

Chandler Thomlison

Founder and CEO

While having no traditional background in game development, Chandler knew he'd make games someday, even if the path to get there was a bit unorthodox. Just a regular guy exceptionally skilled at learning and putting things together, Chandler leads the Worldspark 'world-first' vision and has the unfortunate job of writing all these intros!

Sebastian Cardoso

Lead Producer and Co-founder

Serial Entrepreneur and just all around REALLY nice guy, Seb has run with the big dogs at Riot and EA while also lending his expertise to several gaming start-ups. Seb provides some much needed structure around Worldspark, reeling us in when we get a little TOO agile and run in head first, gun's blazin'!

Chris Cantrell

Game Director - Edenbrawl

Chris asks the questions you need to be asked and he does it in an unbelievably polite way. He forces you to think of things you never thought you needed to think of and it results in absolutely fantastic game design. Previously, Chris spent time at Riot creating board games, but now, in addition to his game work, he runs a startup focused on empowering voters, sparking the world in his own unique way!

Matthew Garcia-Dunn

Lead Narrative Designer/Writer

Matt is the writing genius behind all-time great League of Legends champions Pyke, Ekko, Kindred, and many more. Sometimes we think we have a unique story idea to bring to Matt only for him to say "Oh, like X game/book/movie/comic?" Matt's encyclopedia-like knowledge is dedicated to building a living, breathing, World of Eden and he can't wait to show you what's in store.

Joseph Marin

Lead Programmer

World's #1 bug squasher, Joseph has worked with the Worldspark team through approximately 56 item reworks, 800 champion ability changes, and 832,600 bugs. A 15-year veteran of Unreal Engine, Joseph somehow always knows the answer when we ask "hey, where can I adjust this value again?"

Oskar Larsson

VFX Lead

When you set out to make a brawler, Battlerite is the gold standard when it comes to visual clarity. We figured what better way to ensure Edenbrawl's clarity than to have the same guy make the VFX! Oskar is our resident master at making things explode beautifully without creating too much of a mess.

Eric Williams


When you have questions on starting a studio, negotiating Art partnerships, or how publishing deals work, you find individuals who have done those things. Eric is the rare case of someone who has done all 3. Former founder of Rogue Games and now Senior Director at Room 8, Eric is our official "don't make this mistake" alert system.

Dorian Compo


UI/UX Wizard Dorian has 15+ years of experience at Activision, Crystal Dynamics, and more. Now, a design director for an NFT studio, Dorian brings to Worldspark his passion for player ownership, culture, and dope UI.

Kevin Chang


Former Systems Designer at Battlerite and now Game Director at an awesome startup, we have zero problems saying Kevin is one of the most technically sound game designers in the universe. Every time we listen to his feedback, it results in a more fun experience, it's that simple.

Jonathan 'Bloom' Shell


As a former world champion in Battlerite, 'Bloom' absolutely destroys us in our internal tests, making him what we call our 'Design Litmus Test'. Does he outplay us every time? Yes. Do we still crave one more shot at taking him down because it's fun every single time? Yes. Design success!

James 'Bakery' Baker


What's better than one world champion? Two! James served as captain and shotcaller for Team Dignitas in the Heroes of the Storm World Championship. A master of macro, James constantly reminds us there are objectives on the map other than kills!

Marco Paulucci

Game Director - Trials of Eden

One day we were slogging through this Diablo 2 mod called "Median XL" and couldn't stop talking about how well-designed it was despite it being an unfunded project that people worked on in their spare time (sounds familiar to Edenbrawl!). When the decision was made for an ARPG to be the second game in Worldspark's portfolio, it was a very simple decision on who should run it. Marco is founder and head developer for "Median XL", whose mod gained over 100,000 unique players for their 2.0 launch. We're more than excited to see what he can do with a full-time team!

Help Us Redefine the Genre

Though Worldspark has built Edenbrawl from the ground up on the backs of over 200 freelancers, the time has come to build the more formal studio structure out. If you'd like to join the team at Worldspark, feel free to reach directly out!